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Article: The Perfect Tequila Gift Guide for Last-Minute Shoppers


The Perfect Tequila Gift Guide for Last-Minute Shoppers

The four bottles of VIVIR Tequila are shown on a dark concrete background.


With the festive season now in full swing, shoppers are trying their best to get all their presents before the big day. But in the sea of options, it might be difficult to decide what to gift your loved ones. If you are in search of a unique and premium present, look no further than VIVIR Tequila. We are renowned for exceptional 100% Blue Weber Agave Tequila, VIVIR offers a range of exquisite options, including VIVIR Tequila Blanco, VIVIR Tequila Reposado, VIVIR Tequila Añejo, and VIVIR Café VS, an indulgent Coffee Liqueur. In this gift guide, we will explore the characteristics of each variant and help you choose the ideal bottle for the Tequila enthusiast in your life or for someone who wishes to discover the world of Tequila. 

VIVIR Tequila Blanco

Begin your Tequila journey with VIVIR Tequila Blanco, a pristine and un-aged spirit that captures the essence of the purest Blue Weber Agave flavours. This crystal-clear Tequila boasts a crisp and smooth profile, making it perfect for creating refreshing cocktails. Gift the Blanco to those who appreciate the unadulterated beauty of premium Tequila.

Ideal for: Those who enjoy the pure, unaged essence of Agave.

Best use: Sipping neat with lime, in cocktails that highlight the Tequila's natural flavours, such as a classic Margarita or Paloma.


VIVIR Tequila Reposado

For a more nuanced and complex experience, we advise you to look into VIVIR Tequila Reposado. Aged in oak barrels for six months, this unique Tequila boasts a subtle golden hue and offers slightly sweet notes of vanilla and caramel. It strikes a delightful balance between the vibrancy of Blanco and the depth of Añejo. This is an excellent choice for those who savour the artistry of crafted ageing.

Ideal for: Individuals who appreciate a more complex and nuanced Tequila with a touch of ageing. 

Best use: Enjoyed neat or on the rocks; also a great choice for cocktails like the Picante or Tequila Old Fashioned.


VIVIR Tequila Añejo

Elevate your gift-giving with VIVIR Tequila Añejo, a masterpiece aged for at least 18 months in oak barrels. This sophisticated expression offers a deep amber colour and a symphony of flavours, including oak, chocolate, and hints of dried fruit. Ideal for the connoisseur who appreciates the intricate interplay of time and quality ingredients.

Ideal for: Tequila connoisseurs who enjoy the depth and richness that come with extended ageing.

Best use: Sipping slowly to appreciate the intricate flavours, or in cocktails like the Añejo Manhattan or Añejo Tequila Sour.


VIVIR Café VS, Coffee Liqueur

Indulge the senses with VIVIR Café VS, a luxurious blend of premium Tequila and rich coffee flavours. Perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to cocktails or sipping neat, this liqueur is a delightful gift for those who enjoy the fusion of bold spirits and aromatic coffee.

Ideal for: Those who are looking for a one-of-a-kind spirit.

Best use: In coffee-based cocktails, as a dessert drink, drizzled over vanilla ice cream, or simply sipped over ice. It is a great addition to an Espresso Martini.


This holiday season, make a lasting impression with the gift of VIVIR Tequila. From the pristine Blanco to the aged complexity of Añejo, and the indulgence of Coffee Liqueur, there is a perfect bottle for every palate. Visit our website for more information, and exciting recipes, and to explore our Premium Tequila. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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