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Ensuring a future for Tequila and Agave spirits through responsible Agave farming, supporting the local environment & wildlife, using traditional production methods and operating with zero waste.


  • Our Blue Weber Agave crops are estate-owned and fully traceable from the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico.

  • All of our crops are allowed to grow freely for 9 years to full maturity. This is when Agave is ripe and produces the sweetest nectar for our Tequilas.

  • We set aside a percentage of our crops to flower, so that the seeds can be collected to cultivate new plants; this is vital to ensure the next generations of Agave.

  • We employ local Agave farmers and jimadors full-time with fair wages and job certainty.


  • In Mexico, Agave nectar provides sustenance for multiple species of long-nosed Agave bats, and they in turn pollinate Agave plants.

  • Responsible Agave farming is vital to conserve the habitats of long-nosed bats and to ensure this mutal balance is not disturbed.

  • Our ingredients are all locally sourced, including in our coffee liqueur, VIVIR Café VS. Sweetness comes from piloncillo, a natural Mexican cane sugar, and the rich coffee taste from Mexican-grown Arabica beans.

Agave flowers bloom at the Casa Maestri Distillery, where VIVIR Tequila is produced.
An agave farmer on a horse rides through fields of Agave in Jalisco, Mexico.


  • Our Agave is roasted in centuries-old hornos (traditional brick ovens) to extract Agave nectars - and only ever from mature crops.

  • We are passionately anti-diffuser and always will be as they have negative impacts on Agave stocks, the environment and livelihoods, and produce inferior tasting products. Diffusers enable an economically driven method of mass producing Tequila, using baths of acid to convert starch to sugar from under-ripe Agave.

  • The water used in our Tequilas is sourced from a volcanic spring that occurs naturally on site at the distillery.

  • Our aged Tequilas are rested in bourbon barrels - VIVIR Tequila Reposado for 6 months and VIVIR Tequila Añejo for 18 months.


  • VIVIR Tequilas are produced at family-run Casa Maestri Distillery in Jalisco, Mexico. Our production operates with zero waste.

  • All spent materials from the production of VIVIR Tequilas are composted, donated to local farmers for agriculture and used to cultivate new Agave plants.

  • The bottles that we use to package our Tequila are fully recyclable.

A front exterior view of Casa Maestri Distillery, where VIVIR Tequila is produced.
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