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VIVIR TequilaThe VIVIR Tequila icon is a stylised illustration of the Aztec god quetzalcoatl.The VIVIR Tequila icon is a stylised illustration of the Aztec god quetzalcoatl.


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The four bottles of VIVIR Tequila are shown on a dark concrete background.

Praise for VIVIR Tequila

Sated Online featured VIVIR Tequila as one of the "best available Agave spirits".
VIVIR Tequila featured on Vogue's Spirits Choice of 2019.
The Guardian featured VIVIR Tequila as an "outstanding Christmas tipple".
Master of Malt featured VIVIR Tequila as "sipping Tequila at its best".
GQ featured VIVIR Tequila as a "top pick for Summer drink".
The Grocer featured VIVIR Tequila as "changing the face of Tequila in retail".
Three bottles of VIVIR Tequila are positioned in a row amongst a vibrant yellow background.

Our story

VIVIR Tequila was born from the love of the Agave based spirit that two good friends (Paul and Nav) shared. A number of years ago they started to question why it was so difficult to find quality 100% Agave Tequila in the UK without going to a specialist bar or retailer. This was especially important for Paul as cheaper Mixto Tequilas are the only thing in the world he’s allergic to meaning he found it hard to drink any Tequila in the UK full stop.

​Paul had already been working with Agave for over 16 years and knew the industry well. In 2016 they finally made the decision to change perceptions of Tequila in the UK and create their own line of premium 100% Agave Tequilas. It took them 3 years to develop as they wanted to get it right and in 2019 they finally introduced VIVIR Tequila to the UK.

Multi award winning Tequila

The Spirits Business Tequila and Mezcal Masters 2022 Gold medal
San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2022 Gold medal
Melbourne International Spirits Competition 2021 Gold medal
Bartenders Brand Awards 2020 Supreme Champion award
A bottle of VIVIR Tequila Añejo in hand and appearing through navy black smoke.


Here at VIVIR we produce a range of premium Tequilas at a fifth generation family owned distillery in Jalisco, Mexico.

​We select the best and sweetest highland Weber Blue Agave grown in our own fields and use only natural local water from a volcanic spring that rises at the heart of our distillery. This allows us to produce what we think is quite possibly the smoothest and character filled Tequila you will ever drink.

 No longer will Tequila be seen as a drink that must be washed down with salt and lemon. VIVIR is smooth in texture and complex in nature, and is perfect for sipping, having in cocktail or adding to your favourite mixer.

Agave plants grow in the fields of Jalisco, Mexico at dusk, with mountain ranges in the background.
The yellow flowers of a flowering Agave plant, which is important for the cultivation of new generations of Agave crops.


Ensuring a future for tequila and agave spirits through responsible agave farming, supporting the local environment & wildlife, using traditional production methods and operating with zero waste.


A bottle of VIVIR Tequila Blanco positioned next to a Margarita cocktail and some limes.

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